Church Interior

Entering Saint Raphael Church, the faithful encounter the presence of holiness, that "breath" of the Holy Spirit, Who is everywhere present,filling all things, yet abides with us in a blessed union as we come together for prayer and worship.

Our Nave is uniquely crafted from a period in the 20th Century when there were many "Old World" artisans and craftsmen building sacred spaces in America.

The faithful make use of a unique Chapel space within the Church which is dedicated to the American Orthodox Saints. Within the American Saints Chapel is an Icon of our Patron, St. Raphael of Brooklyn. This Icon contains a relic of the Saint, and was blessed on the day of St. Raphael's glorification (canonization) at St. Tikhon Monastery in Pennsylvania.

Chapel dedicated to American Orthodox Saints
Solea and Iconostasis
Nave-the main worship space
Solea looking to Altar